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Funnel Xpress = Copy & Paste Lie
Copy & Paste Doesn’t Work
Copy & Paste Failed

Funnel Xpress

When it comes to affiliate marketing the words ‘Copy and Paste’ carry a lot of weight, especially if you are relatively new to affiliate marketing.

Copy and Paste… it’s easy isn’t it, all you need to do is copy details from one place and then paste them in another and BOOM, those affiliate commissions start to flood into you account.

Well that really would be great wouldn’t it, trouble is… it just doesn’t happen like that.

The problem is… you might have the details you need but where do you paste them, how do you configure things, how do you set up the pages, send traffic and do all the techy stuff?

When you factor in all the stuff that never gets mentioned ‘Copy and Paste’ doesn’t sound so appealing does it.

So… forget Copy and Paste and think ‘Done For You’

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Done For You as in… all you have to do is:
log-in to just one online software
Choose a niche (from 30 niches)
Pick a product to promote (from 50+ evergreen best selling products)
Grab your affiliate link (acceptance is guaranteed, even if you have zero stats)
Enter your your affiliate details
Choose one of the pre-configured affiliate funnels & launch it with a click
And then… turn on the built-in traffic…
Q. Which software does this?
A. It’s called FunnelXpress

But it’s NOT a typical funnel builder, if fact Funnel Xpress is a complete affiliate machine, the funnels are already built, pre-configured and ready to use. All you need to do is choose one, add your affiliate details and click launch.

All pages carry your details
Everything is fully hosted
You don’t need a domain, hosting
You don’t need to pay for anything else
You can use the built-in FX traffic generation – Free traffic
…And there are NO MONTHLY COSTS if you claim access today.

FunnelXpress is a complete affiliate machine,,,
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If you have 5 minutes to spare use Funnel Xpress to set up your first affiliate funnel… Try it NOW (before the price switches to monthly)

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