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Wow, this web Dollar Hosting deal is a steal!

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Dollar Hosting

I know of a guy that currently pays $24.99 a month for his web hosting that he rarely uses.

Yep. $25 bucks minus a penny.

Now you might be thinking, “So what?”

Well, if you put that in perspective, that’s close to $300 a year. $300 smackeroos. And my friend isn’t 100% giddy about the web host.

It’s just that it’s the best option he’s found for reliability without having to deal with crappy brand names that have hosting servers in the ‘swamp’.

(you’ll get that later. * wink, wink)

Anyways, if my friend only knew about Dollar Hosting, he could save a pretty penny. Like some major coin. Especially during the special launch phase where you can get a full year of web hosting for only $1.

That’s right, a dollar for a full year. Not a dollar a day, not a dollar a week, not even a dollar a month… but a dollar for a YEAR.


And you don’t have to play some game where you pay for years upfront to get that deal. It’s just a buck for a year. Simple.

And your hosting account has everything that all the big brand names have, plus top notch service and support.

Check out the details here for yourself: ==>>GO

You’ll be glad you did.

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